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2D Graphics

Plan 01) Sept 05 - Intro. Graphics. Vector basics. Game objects 02) Sept 12 - Design basics. Shapes and lines. Char sprite 03) Sept 19 - Typography. Game logo 04) Sept 26 - Vector Effects. Game flyer 05) Oct 03 - Color models and composition. Backgrounds 06) Oct 10 - Metrics, scales and lay...

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Computer Games 2017

SCHEDULE 1) 10.02 Introduction P1.1: Intro P1.2: Game Elements P1.3: Design Process (video) P1.4: Game Idea A1: Roles H1.1: Game concept (slides) (video EN, ET) H1.2: Game Idea 2) 17.02 Game Idea and Concept A2.1: Presenting and selecting game ideas A2.2 Forming teams A2.3 Game con...

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Learning Game Design

1) 05.04 Introduction P1.1: Intro P1.2: Learning Game and Serious Game examples A1.1: Play MAR Games A1.2: Game Idea A1.3: Playing JA Titan 2) 19.04 - Idea and Concept R2.1: Game Design Process R2.2: Game Concept A2.1 Presenting and selecting game ideas and forming teams A2.2 Game con...

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Game Interactions

Course of game theory and design. 25 Jan - Introduction, Game Elements and Genres 08 Feb - Game Structure, Game Design Process, Game Idea and Concept 22 Feb / 1 Mar - Idea presentation, Game Design Team and Roles 08 Mar - Gameplay, Core Mechanics, Story, eAdventure 22 Mar - Ga...

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