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About me

Nickname: Shikter
Full name: Vadim Kozlov
Age: 23
Nationality: Russian
Status: Sniper

Personality traits:
Responsible, punctual , capable, adaptable, attentive, have analytical mind, cheerful, competitive, cooperative, creative, curious, easygoing, flexible, friendly, honest, organized, realist, patient, capable of prolonged effort, progressive, reliable, supportive, tactful, thorough, trustworthy, concentrated, disciplined but sometimes lazy, crafty.

Poor knowledge of foreign languages.
Bad memory for titles and names.


More information about me:

I study in the BFM at the Faculty of crossmedia 3rd year.
I graduated the ballet school, have secondary special education.
Was as professional player in Counter-Strike 1.6 (Since 2009 - 2012).
As "Movie Maker" since 2008.


My contacts:


Avatar History:

The eye symbol which shown in avatar is the story of a clan Little Estonia, abbreviated as "[E(lit)E] Team"

EE - "Estonia"
lit - "Little"
But the same time we are "Elite" - elect, unique and best of the best.

The Eye symbolizes that we can see all and record all. From here was born our main activities as studio of films and work with cameras.

In the game we are usually snipers who covering our front and hide behind, or spies in the den of the enemy, or some of us are scouts.
Instead pupil indicate the territory of Estonia, indicating that we are from there.

Favorite games:

(1) "Counter-Strike 1.6" [First-person shooter video game] (playing since 2000 y.)
(2) "Dota 2" [Multiplayer online battle arena video game] (since 2011 - 2014)
(3) "Diablo II" [Action role-playing hack and slash video game] (since 2003 - 2008)
(4) "Jagged Alliance 2" [Tactical role-playing game] (since 2002-2006 and 2012-2014)
(5) "Sniper Elite 2" and "3" [Tactical shooter video game] (since 2012-2013 and 2015)
(6) "Dragon Age 2" [Action role-playing video game] (2012)
(7) "Need for Speed" (NFS Series) [Racing video games] (since 2000-2014)

"Computer Games 2015" > Mission Completed:

I Mission - Avatar - 2xp
II Mission - Game analysis - 2xp
III Mission - Roles - 1xp
IV Mission - Idea - 2xp