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Media Project

Owner: Martin Sillaots

Group members: 33


This is a virtual learning environment for TLU IMKE Media Project course - a place for storing learning materials, presenting students home tasks and channels for communication.

Media project can be a project organized by another institution, organization or a company but the student has an specific roll in that project. It can be coordinated by the student herself or group of students e.g. master thesis project.

Important dates:
26.03.2012 16:15-19:45 [T201] – intro, deadline for project idea
09.04.2012 16:15-17:45 [online] – deadline for project plan
23.04.2012 16:15-17:45 [online] – deadline for interim report
07.05.2012 16:15-19:45 [T201] – deadline for final report, presentation, evaluation

Brief description: IMKE Media Project virtual learningspace

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