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Game Industry on Mondays in N416, 16:15 - 19:45

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Muhammad Umar Aslam
Esin Kalay
Serena Obert
Manisha K.
Roman Gorislavski

Game Industry

Owner: Martin Sillaots

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1) Feb 19
P0: Introduction (Martin Sillaots)
P1: Game development process, roles and team structures (Dmitry Kazimir from Creative Mobile)
R1.1: Chapter 3 - How the Game Industry Functions?
R1.2: Game Industry Facts

2) Feb 26
T1: Structure and facts of game business Kahoot (Martin Sillaots)
P2: Demystifying Game Development (Filipp Keks from Wolf3D)
R2.1: Chapter 6 - Skills and Careers in the Game Industry
R2.2: Mobile Games and Player Communities: Designing for and with Clans
R2.3: Virtual to Virtuous Money: A Virtue Ethics Perspective on Video Game Business Logic

3) Mar 5
T2: Game competences and jobs Kahoot (Martin Sillaots)
P3: Players as Customers (Miikka Lehtonen from Aalto University)
R3: Chapter 7 - How to get a job?
A1: Personal presentation portfolio

4) Mar 15 19:00 @ Lounge 5, Estonia Puiestee 5
IGDA Gathering 1 - How textures impact video games?
A2: IGDA gathering summary

5) Apr 2
T3: How to sell yourself Kahoot? (Martin Sillaots)
P4: Introduction to game marketing and project management (Brandon Marsh from Creative Mobile)
R4: Chapter 4 - Inside the Fun Factory

6) Apr 5 19:00 @ Lounge 5, Estonia Puiestee 5
IGDA Gathering 2 - Epic Fail
A2: IGDA gathering summary

7) Apr 9 16:45
Visit to the Creative Mobile Pärnu Mnt 139a (Brandon Marsh)
T4: Game production process Kahoot (Martin Sillaots)

8) Apr 16 – 17 GameDev Days Conference
A3: GameDev Days Conference Summary

9) May 17 IGDA Gathering 3 - Game Design
A2: IGDA gathering summary

X) May 21 EXAM - Final deadline for all assignments (physical presence is not needed). Register in ÕIS!


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