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Learning Game Design 2018

Owner: Martin Sillaots

Group members: 21



Apr 6 - Canceled

1) Apr 13 - Educational Game Design Theory and Process
P1.0: Study management
P1.1: Introduction
P1.2: Theoretical background
A1.1: Teachers’ personas
P1.3: Educational Game Design Process
H1: Form teams and specify a problem

2) Apr 20 - Learning Needs and Objectives
A2.1: Presentation of a problem and a team
P2.1: Analysis of learning needs
A2.2: VARK test
A2.3: Learners' profile = target group analysis
P2.2: Learning Objectives = Game Challenges
A2.3: Define learning objectives for a learning game
H2: Euneos Planning (Deadline Apr 24)

3) April 26 - 28 - Teaching
A3: Mini lessons to EUNEOS teachers

4) Apr 27 - Learning Content
A5.0: Teaching experience reflection
P4.1: Learning content design
A4.1: Learning content structure
P4.2: Learning Activities
A4.2: Combine learning and game activities

5) May 4 - Learning Materials and Evaluation
P5.1: Learning Plan
A5.1: Lesson plan
P5.2: Learning Materials
P5.3: Teaching
A5.2: Plan breaks
P5.4 Evaluation
H5: Prepare your GBL (or gamified or SG) class

6) May 11 - Assessment
A6: Playing, teaching and testing


Brief description: On Fridays 16:15 - 19:45 in M543

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