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Computer games on Fridays at 14:15 - 15:45 in S233 (from Apr 6 in S326)

Group members

Kristina Noor
Laura Smolski
Mart Albert Mustkivi

Computer Games 2018

Owner: Martin Sillaots

Group members: 21


Course Programme

1) Feb 2 Intro
P1.1: Intro
P1.2: Game Elements
H1: Game Analysis

2) Feb 9 Game Review
A2: Game presentations
T2: Game genres Kahoot
P2: Design Process (video)
H2: Game idea

3) Feb 16 ONLINE Creative Methods
P3.1: Game Idea
P3.2: Sources for inspiration
H3: Analysis of engagement and fun

4) Feb 23 Game Idea
A4.1: Game idea presentations and selection
A4.2: Forming teams and selecting roles
H4: Game concept (slides) (video EN, ET)

5) Mar 2 Game Concept
T5: Game concept Kahoot
A5: Game concept design workshop
H5: Gameplay (slides) (video EN, ET)

6) Mar 9 Gameplay
T6: Gameplay Kahoot
A6: Gameplay design workshop
H6.1: Core mechanics (slides) (video)
H6.2 Game balancing (slides)

7) Mar 16 Game Rules
T7: Core mechanics Kahoot
A7: Game rules design workshop
H7: Game World (slides) (video)

X) Apr 06 Canceled

8) Apr 13 Game World
T8: Game world Kahoot
A8: Game world design workshop
H8: Game characters (slides) (video)

9) Apr 20 Game Characters
T9: Characters Kahoot
A9: Game characters design workshop
H9: Story (slides) (video)

10) Apr 27 Story and Dialogues
T10: Story Kahoot
A10: Game story writing workshop
H10.1: Level Design (slides)
H10.2: UI Design (slides)
H10.3: Prototyping (slides)

11) May 04 Game Prototyping and Level Design
T11: Prototyping Kanoot
A11: Prototype design workshop
H11: Prepare for the Big Boss presentation

12) May 11 Big Boss
A12: Game presentation and evaluation
H12: Post Mortem

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Brief description: Computer games on Fridays at 14:15 - 15:45 in S233 (from Apr 6 in S326)



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