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1) Sept 5 - Coding Games (Martin Sillaots)
T1: Code Monkey and Lightbot.
A1: Similar games

2) Sept 12 - Game Dev without coding (Martin Sillaots)
T2: eAdventure Graphical Adventure
A2: Add original episodes

Visual Coding with the Scratch (Martin Sillaots)

3) Sept 19
T3: Pong
A3: Pong for 2

4) Sept 26
B4: Basic Coding Concepts
T4: Simplified NIM
A4: Invincible NIM

Basic Coding with the Game Maker (Mikhail Fiadotau)

5) Oct 3
T5: Simple platformer
A5: Two extra levels

6) Oct 10
T6: Platformer remake
A6: Enrich the platformer (optional)

7) Oct 17
T7: Snake
A7: Classic game with an educational twist

Advanced Coding with the Unity (Martin Sillaots, Sander Aido)

8) Oct 31
B8: Unity Into
T8: Guess the Number console game {GuessTheNumber.cs}

9) Nov 7
T9: Guess the Number UI
A9: Trivial guessing game

10) Nov 14
T10: Text Adventure
A10: Develop your own story

11) Nov 21
T11: Break Out 1 (from menu import to moving Paddle) (Menu and Assets 1)

12) Nov 28
T12: Break Out 2 (from Ball on Paddle to Final Layout)

13) Dec 5
T13: Break Out 3 (sound effects, sprite animation, particle system, prefabbing). (Assets 2)

14) Dec 12
T14: Break Out 4 (prefabbing, new levels)
A14: Break Out custom levels and features

Post-mortem Activities
Space Invaders V1-incomplete (Assets)
Feedback questionnaire


Brief description: Basics of Game Development



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