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Group discussion > March 5: Players as Customers (Miikka Lehtonen)

March 5: Players as Customers (Miikka Lehtonen)

Martin Sillaots
1735 days ago


Learning outcomes:
1. Understand the dynamics between players and the developer
2. Identify quantitative and qualitative means to study players
3. Evaluate (mobile) games based on how they treat their players

Two claims:
1. (Mobile) game developers have a superficial understanding of their players’ contextualized experience
2. Monetization in (mobile) games is optimized for the company, while for the players it is somewhat questionable

Question: how do we design games that balance between our creative ambitions and keeping our customers happy? (This is like the holy grail, so the purpose is not to find an answer during this class, but instead become more aware of this tension + I don’t want to be overtly cynical about game developers, emphasis on development rather than critique)

Tentative schedule:

16:15-17:00 Intro (Martin)
17:00-17:05 break
17:05-18:15 Session 1 (discussion based on readings and the presentation)
18:15-18:30 break
18:30-19:30 Session 2 (working in teams analysing mobile games and then discussing those findings with the whole class)
19:30-19:45 wrap-up + 3-2-1 exercise (3 things I learned, 2 things I’d like to learn more about, 1 thing I’ll teach to someone else)

Martin Sillaots
1724 days ago

Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iskmn2j98cjgbpm/Players%20as%20Customers%20-%20DLG.pdf?dl=0

Outputs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/owztev88aabhmvx/3-2-1%20Game%20Industry%20-%2005032018.pdf?dl=0