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Group discussion > EXHIBITION (Dec 19)


Martin Sillaots
1810 days ago

Course of 2D Game Graphics ends with student presentations of their artwork collections (created during this course). Officially this is an assessment but actually this is a semi-publik opening for an exhibition.

Don't forget to register in ÕIS! Registration closes 24h before the assessment starts. Registration deadline is Dec 18, 16:00.

Presentations will be poster based. Every author is expected to print, bring and hang out his or her poster of collected art works.

During the final presentation you are asked to introduce shortly the entire collection of your work. Select one item that is specially important for you and describe it in more details. Be prepared to answer to the additional questions related to other items in your collection.

Semi-public opening
You can invite your friends to that event. Bring some food and drinks for yourself and your friends. Lets share food and make new friends (so it will be a small semester closing party).

Exhibition will last only one day. If you don't find a use for your poster you can give it to your teacher and he will hang them up in his office.