virtual learning environment


Martin Sillaots
1960 days ago

Dear gamifiers :)

Welcome to the Gamification Workshop. Our first class starts on Monday 17th of July at 10:00 AM in S-303 (Tallinn University).

I’m inviting you to join with the course online study group in iCampus (Elgg based e-portfolio). All you need to do is:
- Go to the address - http://htk.tlu.ee/icampus/
- Register. Registration page is short but there are couple of fields that you may not understand or don’t know the answer:
-- Site password: TallinnaÜlikool
-- Kui palju on üks pluss kaks? Vastus: 3
- Open the group of Gamification (http://htk.tlu.ee/icampus/pg/groups/223811/gamification/)
- Join a group

This virtual learning group will be used for:
- Distributing the course information,
- Sharing learning materials and other files,
- Discussions and assignments.

You can prepare yourself in advance for following assignments:
1. What gamification examples do you know? All of you have a chance to introduce your examples on Monday.

2. Provide one idea for gamification. All of you have a chance to introduce your idea on Tuesday.

But don’t feel any pressure. This is a summer school ;) If you don’t want to think about those issues before the course starts you can conduct those missions on the run.