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Designing a serious games (games with serious purpose) from idea to digital prototype


Martin Sillaots
1969 days ago

Dear serious designers :)

Welcome to the course of Design of Serious games. Our first class starts on Monday 10th of July at 10:00 AM in S-303 (Tallinn University)

If you like you can get familiar with the course content, materials and learning activities. For this porpoise I created a study group in iCampus (Elgg based e-portfolio). All you need to do is:
- Go to the address - http://htk.tlu.ee/icampus/
- Register. Registration page is short but there are couple of fields that you may not understand or don’t know the answer:
-- Site password: TallinnaÜlikool
-- Kui palju on üks pluss kaks? Vastus: 3
- Open the group of: Design of Serious Games 2017 (http://htk.tlu.ee/icampus/pg/groups/223667/design-of-serious-games-2017/)
- Join a group

You can open the group page without registration and login but some of the content may be hidden for nonregistered users.

In that group you can:
- See the course schedule,
- Read or listen the learning materials. Most of the materials are YouTube videos, some are SlideShare slides, and some are PDF files uploaded to iCampus. In any case you can have access to learning materials through the schedule (links).
- Discussion section is used for sharing additional information and details about assignments.

You can prepare yourself in advance for following assignments:
1. What is you favorite serious or learning game (http://htk.tlu.ee/icampus/mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=223669&group_guid=223667)? All of you have a chance to introduce your examples on Monday.

2. Provide idea for a new serious or learning game (http://htk.tlu.ee/icampus/mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=223671&group_guid=223667). All of you have a chance to introduce your idea on Tuesday.

But don’t feel any pressure. This is a summer school ;) If you don’t want to think about those issues before the course starts you can conduct those missions on the run.

With all the best
Martin Sillaots