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Group discussion > H1.2: Game Idea (deadline Feb 17)

H1.2: Game Idea (deadline Feb 17)

Martin Sillaots
2116 days ago

Provide one idea for a new computer game. Craft 0,5 pg. document where you describe:
- What is the goal of the game?
- What player can do (main activity)?
- Why this game is special (different from others)?

Introduce your idea during the next class with 3 minute presentation [2 XP]. Best ideas will be selected (online template will be used for voting) as a basis for a further game design [+ 2 XP to the winners].

2106 days ago

Martin Kink game idea - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_qGCIYMGYdkRExPTnA2VFhMMU0/view?usp=sharing