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Concept (deadline 27 Sept)

Martin Sillaots
2259 days ago

Continue work in teams and based on selected game idea create a game concept:

0) Name of the game
1) Main idea
2) Learning objective
3) Entertaining aspect
4) Gameplay (main challenge)
5) Players role (main activity)
6) Genre
7) Target audience
8) (Hardware) platform
9) Competition/Collaboration mode
10) Interaction model
11) Game world and UI
12) Uniqueness
13) Business model
14) Marketing (or dissemination) strategy

Submit your concept as a comment to this discussion post.
Concepts will be presented in the beginning of the next class.

Here is one example: Concept Example

Katrin Aedma
2241 days ago

HappyCat concept


Uniqueness - as far we know there are no such a game like HappyCat.

Business model and marketing part is still under development.
Business model - free for children and other players. Ww are selling idea to promote right behavior mainly for animal welfare organisations.
Marketing (or dissemination) strategy - we make website for this came and link to the FB to reach to the larger number of people who know about HappyCat, problems we are ponting and come to our website. In the website we will produce educational short articles supporting the knowledge player gets playing the HappyCat game.