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Idea (deadline 20 Sept)

Martin Sillaots
1126 days ago

Provide one idea for learning game that teaches one specific topic.

Some recommendations:
- Specified topic should be small (in order to make it realistic to design a game around it).
- Educational domain can be selected freely (e.g your favourite subject from the university curriculum).
- It is recommended that the outcome is digital but also card and table games are accepted (e.g. like paper prototypes).
- It is recommended that the game has learning goals bit it's OK to design games for other serious purposes (serious games).

All who have ideas can introduce them in the beginning of the first class. It's OK to continue with existing ideas and already formed teams. In this case shortly introduce what or who you already have and what you need. This time teams must be bigger (6-8 members) and team members should be from 3 different academic areas at least.

Students who don't have ideas are asked to join with one of the presented idea.

1125 days ago

The game will teach the players about the basics of heraldry using the examples of coats of arms of cities belonging to the Hanseatic League.

After explaining the basic principles and symbols of heraldry, the game will present the player with a quiz to gauge their understanding of the subject. After each answer is given, the player will be given a more detailed description of the coat of arms in question.

The plan is to produce the game on 2 mediums: a paper-based card game and a digital version.

Team roles:
Researcher x2
Voice artist

Katrin Kuusik
1118 days ago

Fabulous Family is a game about relationships and learning skills for non-violent communication.
Target group: students of primary school, families.
Main task: pass different situations with maximum numbers of happy cats.

We will continue by developing the first prototype:
develop script by adding more options,
create backgrounds,
continue work with characters, their movements and body language,
"move" prototype out from unity to html system...

Our (Katrin and Mikk) team need more members:
II animator / artist
creative teacher

Background Start WITH options 1280 x 720.png