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Group discussion > Assignment 4: Character Design

Assignment 4: Character Design

Martin Sillaots
1221 days ago

Design characters for MElang-e Tallinn episode:
Character design exercise

- Pair up
-- Graphical designer (Artist)
-- Conceptual designer (Writer)

- Choose one character
-- Candy store seller - fluent English, good humour
-- Pharmacist - fluent English
-- Receptionist 1 at a doctor’s office - speaks Estonian & Russian, no English
-- Receptionist 2 at a doctor’s office - fluent English
-- Doctor - female, fluent English
-- Taxi driver – uncertain level of English

- Design a character:
-- General information
--- Name
--- Age
--- Gender
--- Ethnic background
--- …

-- Visual appearance
--- Face
--- Body
--- Clothes
--- Items
--- Body language
--- Facial expression
--- …

-- Language specialties
--- Vocabulary
--- Parasite world
--- Grammar
--- Accent
--- Speed
--- Tone
--- Specialties

-- Additional characteristics (not mandatory)
--- Nature
--- Activity
--- Temper
--- Attitude
--- Values
--- Education
--- Job*
--- Favorites
--- Political beliefs
--- Pets
--- Subculture
--- Profession
--- Values
--- Personality
--- Behavior
--- Sense of humor
--- Beliefs
--- Superstitions
--- Phobias
--- Religion

-- Visual sketches (not mandatory)
--- Face
--- Body

Submit your character conceptual and visual design in the comments area of this discussion post.

Martin Sillaots
1220 days ago

Receptionist 2

General information
Name: Aleksandra
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Ethnic background: Russian

Visual appearance
Face: pretty
Body: slim
Clothes: uniform of the policlinic (white)
Items: tablet in her hands, cross with necklace
Body language: quite static, holding the tablet as a map in her hands, covering the chest with that.
Facial expression: keeps smiling

Language specialties
Vocabulary: perfect English
Parasite world: none
Grammar: very good
Accent: weak Russian accent
Speed: normal
Tone: hypnotic
Specialties: none

Additional characteristics
Nature: nice
Activity: active but keeping low profile
Attitude: helpful
Values: Christian
Education: nurse school
Job: stated by the game concept
Favorites: yoga, jogging
Political beliefs: keep them in secret, newer talks about them.
Pets: no time for pets
Values: golden rule
Sense of humor: good but stays professional
Beliefs: Christian ortodox
Phobias: None
Religion: Christian ortodox

R. R. Novod
1219 days ago

Ragnar and Julius

Candy Store Seller

General information:
Name: Margaret Leesment
Age: 32
Gender: Female

Ethnic backround: Estonian Canadian, born in Canada in Estonian family, came to Estonia after her parents died.
Family tree: descendant from Estonian roots, but has grown up in Canada, so completely different culture. Came to Estonia recently, knew about the culture of Estonia before, but still experienced culture shock, how we live, how our government works, read about Estonia in Eesti Elu (Canadian newspaper for Estonian community in Toronto)

Face: Looks american/canadian, but has estonian features
Body: Skinny
Clothes: Loves black like her candy shop outfit
Items: Bag, glasses, shades
Body language: Speaks with her hands, feels comfortable with strangers,
Facial expression: always smiling, her blue eyes are soul piercing

Vocabulary: Perfect english, but has some missteps in pronouncing because of her Estonian accent
Parasite world: Tries too hard using common parasite words that are usual for locals, uses them in the wrong context
Grammar: Neat and orderly, like Hermione’s (not in the picture for the moment)
Accent: Canadian English accent, not very strong
Speed: Speaks fast
Tone: Lower voice, something not expected based on appearance
Specialties: Knows estonglish, uses a lot of word derives from english to estonian, like imperatiivne or smth

Additional characteristics
Nature: Optimist, sees good in people, is well travelled, has met only nice people, but also knows the evil what people can do.
Temper: As she has seen the world, she is calm and patient
Attitude: Moral, good hearted
Values: Family, friendship
Education: Did her MA in University of Toronto in African Studies, specialised in Language and Postcolonial Education in East Africa
Job: Candy seller at Airports Kalev Candy store which only sells black liquorice
Favorites: Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, NASA, space the final frontier, philosophical pessimism grew on her as she discovered there is no work in estonia and she has to work at the Airport candy store
Political beliefs : Supports Liberal Party, big fan of Canada’s new prime minister Justin Trudeau
Pets: Has a German Shepard, loves dogs
Subculture: Riot grrrl
Profession: Researcher
Personality: Humorous, kind of strict, but kind to people, and knows how push buttons
Beliefs: believes in the afterlife, ghosts and spirits
Superstitions: old habits die hard, spitting three times over the shoulder etc
Phobias: Spiders, heights
Religion: Roman Catholicism