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Bonus Assignment - [D 19 May]

Martin Sillaots
1412 days ago

By now you have some skills for creating 2D visuals in vector and raster graphics. You are ready for real creative tasks. Here is one … Imagine that you are an art designer in a small game development team. Your task is to produce concept art (initial backgrounds and characters) for a language learning game.

Game Story
This game is about one young musician (Maly) who tries to put together a band to participate in the European talent seeking contest - E-Factor. She used to have a band but it split up and now all members (Marie, Toni, Nicki) are living in different cities across the Europe. Players mission is to find all members and reunite the band … and win the E-Factor young band competition.

1. Chose one of the game locations (London, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Frankfurt) and design one background image (street view, or interior view) for this location (you can use personal images or photos with a suitable Creative Commons licence and adjust them with some filter). You can use any familiar place from those cities but if you like you can make your selection based on game plot.

2. Chose one of the characters and design visuals (portrait or full body) for her (him). You can use real photos, implement some colour manipulation methods to make it look more artistic (reduce the amount of colours, use some filters, trace, …). If you like you can put yourself in this game or design characters based on game character descriptions.

3. If you like, design some additional characters that are suitable for selected background. They can be designed based on your fantasy or on the list of game elements.

4. Put the character(s) on the top of the background and add some speech bubbles to present a dialogue between character(s). The content of the dialogue is open but if you like you can make your selection based on the game story.

The general stile of the assembly is open but if possible make it look like a frame from the comic book. If your image is cool and with high quality and copyrights are not violated your design will be used in the MElang-e game project. Reference to you as the author of the artwork will be made.

Have fun! MElang-e game elements


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Martin Sillaots
1403 days ago

Assignment is still open.