Centre for Educational Technology is the research centre of the School of Digital Technology, Tallinn University (TLU). Centre was established more than 20 years ago and is now one of the leading competency-centres in technology-enhanced learning in Estonia.

Our centre investigates the development, adoption and use of technologies in several areas of society. Special focus is put on technologies in education (learning environments and technologies, digital competencies, game-based learning, location-based technologies for education), information environments and libraries (knowledge management, digital libraries and digital literacies), industry (ICT sector, healthcare, construction etc). In line with our research we focus on the human-computer or the human-information interface with a focus on ubiquitous, mobile, social and semantic technologies to improve user experience. Growing interest of our research centre is related with mathematics and didactics of mathematics.

Research interests of the Centre are strongly associated with the academic study fields of the school: Applied Informatics, Digital Learning Ecosystems, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Sciences and Mathmatics and Didactics of Mathematics. Centre for Educational Technology is collaborating tightly with the Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation and Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture.