e-Vent 2013 on the 14th of May

Tallinn University Institute of Informatics is inviting colleagues and students from other institutes as well as partners and simply curious individuals to our demo day eVent. Recent project results of institutes students, researchers and teaching staff will be introduced to a wider audience.

The demo day will take place on May 14th from 15:00-18:00 in Astra building room A543. The schedule is divided into two parts. First section introduces the research projects: LEARNMIX (re-conceptualising the e-textbook), LearningLayers (researching the role of information technologies in informal learning at the workplace), SEGAN and SiLang (development of serious games for learning purposes). In addition to that the new Center for Education Innovation in TLU will be introduced as well as it’s virtual environment eDidaktikum (developed by Institute of Informatics). The second part of the demo day concentrates on student projects and software solutions that are developed in cooperation with our partners from the industry.

See you all in e-Vent 2013!

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